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                   (Filipino Martial Arts)

MAKTAN - Filipino Martial Arts program is a dedication to the Philippine legacy that reflects some of the variety of combative self-defense systems that Filipino Martial Arts can offer to the community.

Become part of a journey that strives to grow in perfection of "your" martial arts through a common quest for physical fitness, broadening of the mind, and to learn an authentic Filipino Martial Arts Program...

MAKTAN Filipino Martial Arts specialize to teach an authentic Filipino Martial Arts program that covers:

Single Stick Weaponry - Knife Weaponry - Cross applications of other weapon based techniques.

These combative arts are all categorized from known international curricula taught directly from the founders of each systems.

Grand Master Guellermo Taboada:  Balintawak

Grand Master Eduardo Ceniza:  Baraw Sugbo

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo:   Filipino Combat Systems

MAKTAN Filipino Martial Arts also focuses in other core combative self-defense coverage that includes application from street concept to sports training programs:

Mano Mano – Empty Hand   

Dumog – Grappling   

Doble Baston – Double Weapon