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               Muay Thai Kickboxing

Our Kickboxing program is an intense cardiovascular workout that teaches basic Muay Thai kickboxing and western boxing concepts.  Students participate in a wide variety of striking and kicking drills using kicking shields, focus mitts, and thai pads with a partner. 

Unlike other cardio kickboxing programs, we don't put our students in front of a heavy bag and let them hit away for an hour.  Our class allows the participants to learn actual effective fighting/self defense techniques working with their partner on thai pads and focus mits instead of just performing a series of motions.  Heavy emphasis is placed on a variety of aerobic shadow boxing, pad drills, heavy bag, timing and sensitivity exercises.  Both men and women enjoy this fun aerobic workout. 

Whether you join the class to get in a great workout, desire to compete, or learn effective self defense, this is the class for you! 

Many of the students in this class also participate in the optional sparring class.  Please see that link under "Other classes" for more details!

The age limit on this class is thirteen and up.