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What is there to train?  You just buy it off the shelf at the local discount store, point, and spray.  Right?  WRONG!

What kind is it?  What is its dispersal pattern?  What is the heat rating?  What is the expiration date?  What is the effective range?  What's the difference between CS, CN, and OC?  How do I decontaminate from incidental contact? 

Arguably the most popular self defense product on the market today, yet the least understood.  Pepper spray can be a very effective tool, if used correctly and its limitations are known by those carrying it.  The first portion of the training is classroom, going over the important information you need to know if you are thinking about one of these products or are already carrying one.  We then demonstrate the different types of sprays on silhouette targets.  And NO, participants DO NOT get sprayed.  But they do need to be conscious of potential secondary exposure.
Mark Worley is certified through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) as an OC Instructor, along with many other certifications he has in the defensive tactics field.  This class will give you all the basics on proper use in the area of chemical repellants, and what to look for when purchasing these products.  It is equally informative for both men and women and regardless of age.  If you carry or are thinking about carrying one of these devices, please check out one of our informative classes.

The Kubotan class instructs in the use of the Kubotan as taught by its inventor, 10th Degree Black Belt Soke Takayuki Kobota (pictured above), founder of Gosoku-Ryu Karate (www.ikakarate.com). 
This class is fun for men and women, and covers not only the use of the Kubotan, but proper striking techniques and target areas on the body. 

Sparring Class

For advanced rank students, we offer a weapons (Kobujutsu) and advance karate class.

Kobutjutsu (Ancient weapon art) developed in Okinawa as a means of self defense when the country was under occupation.  Weapons were banned, so Okinawans learned to fight without weapons or whatever was available.  With the possible exception of the Sai, day to day items such as farming implements were used.  The Bo, Nunchaku, Tuifa, and Kama were all used for self defense.  Shorinryu (Matsubayashi Ryu) karate still teaches these traditional weapons.

This also is a free class to school members, and is not offered outside the dojo.

Kobujutsu & Advanced Karate Class

Pepper Spray & Kubotan

For those in our adult karate and Muay Thai class who want to bring their training to another level, we offer a sparring class on Monday nights.

This is a very controlled class where emphasis is placed on working with each other to make ourselves better.  Participants have varied ranges of experience, from beginner to advance, from younger students to older ones, but we all work together.

Best part of this class, it's FREE to school members and is not available to non-school members.