EFFECTIVE January 1, 2018:


Option 1:  Month-to-month:  $20.00 registration fee and $75.00 per month.  First pro-rated month and following month are due up front.

Option 2:  The first three months are enrolled up front at $195.00 (breaks down to $65.00 per month).  Registration fee is waived for new members (total saving of $50.00)!

After completion of three months, students have the option of going month-to-month at $75.00 per month or continuing at the $195.00 quarterly rate.

Balintawak is a separate system, with tuition paid directly to the instructor.  

Members is $30.00 per month (Current month pro rated).

Non members is $40.00 per month (Current month pro-rated).

Returning Members

$20.00 registration fee, $195.00 for three months. 

Additional family members receive a 25% discount (Quarterly rate of $145.00  for second family member).  Three months for two students would be $340.00.  Month to month rate for two family members is $130.00 (regular $150.00).


Both styles are an additional $20.00 per month.

Sparring class and Advanced karate/Kobutjitsu are FREE for school members and not available for non-school members.


PUNCH CARDS:  Purchase ten Kickboxing classes that you can use over three months (12 weeks) for only $89.00.  Gift certificates are also available for purchase.  LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE!  Please contact us for details.

Uniforms, equipment, and promotion fees are not included with monthly tuition.


Kickboxing 101:  This is a one time class approximately 2 hours long.  It teaches all the basics or Mauy Thai kickboxing.  We give you all the basics, stances, the basic punches, knees and elbows, and how to use the equipment we train on.  Come learn the basics of this very effective art. $20.00 per person.

Women's Defensive Tactics Class:  $60.00 for the four weeks (one night per week, two hours each session).

Pepper Spray (OC):  $25.00 for two hour class.  Includes FREE pepper spray unit.

Kubotan class:  $25.00 for two hour class.  Includes FREE Kubotan.

Combined Kubotan and Pepper Spray class:  $45.00 for four hour class.  Includes FREE Kubotan and FREE Pepper Spray unit.


A family school with family values.