EFFECTIVE January 1, 2019:


Option 1:  Month-to-month:  $75.00 per month.
Option 2:  Quarterly rate, or three months at $195.00 (breaks down to $65.00 per month).

Filipino Martial Arts: $40.00 per month

Jeet Kune Do: $40 per month

If enrolled in both FMA and JKD: $60.00 per month

Discounts are available when enrolling with family members  

Sparring class is FREE for members but not available for non-school members.

PUNCH CARDS:  Purchase ten Kickboxing classes that you can use over three months (12 weeks) for only $89.00.  

Uniforms, equipment, and promotion fees are not included with monthly tuition.


Kickboxing 101:  This is a one time class approximately 2 hours long.  It teaches all the basics or Muay Thai kickboxing. We give you all the basics, stances, the basic punches, knees and elbows, and how to use the equipment we train on.  Come learn the basics of this very effective art. $20.00 per person.


A family school with family values.