A family school with family values.

The world we live in presents many obstacles and challenges to our youth.  Our kids are more susceptible to bullying and peer pressure than ever before, and many kids lack the self confidence to do what is right, not what is popular.  We live in the “Video game” age, where the only source of interaction is through hours of sitting in front of the television, often playing violent video games.  Our young people are becoming “Desensitized” to violence, and quite often it is the innocent kids paying the price!

While self defense is important in the martial arts, here we place emphasis on making our kids better and more self confident with themselves.  As they progress, we encourage them to take an active role in leading parts of the class.  They learn personal responsibility in simple things, anywhere from being responsible for bringing what they need to class to their own actions in and out of the dojo. 

We provide a safe, disciplined learning environment for kids.  Our classes are for children ages six  to twelve.  It is fast paced to keep them focused with heavy emphasis on discipline and respect.  They are introduced to the basics of martial arts in the form of basic techniques and Kata (forms), proper striking and kicking techniques, and beginner sparring.  At age thirteen, students have the option of moving to the adult class, although some have done it as early as age eleven.   Class size is limited to a maximum of twelve students.

Students are REQUIRED to conduct themselves appropriately both inside and away from the Dojo.  Their conduct reflects directly on not only themselves and their parents, but on the school.  All students must memorize and recite the “Dojo Kun” (Dojo rules) at the conclusion of class:

“Each seek perfection of character”

“Each be faithful”

“Each endeavor”

“Each respect others”

“Each refrain from violent behavior”